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Nitrous Oxide And Oxygen Sedation Dental Procedure

Imagine gently slumbering through a dental visit. Being completely relaxed. Then envision an entirely new, beautiful, healthy smile in as little as one or two visits. That is what we offer our patients.

If anxiety or fear has been holding you back from getting the care you deserve, let our team of experienced professionals put you at ease.
Benefits of our Twilight Sedation

  • Pleasant, comfortable dental treatment
  • Relieves Anxiety • Eliminates Fear •
  • "Waking up" smoothly to a revitalized,
  • enhanced new smile
  • No worries, no matter what your
  • treatment needs are
  • Removal of fear & discomfort
  • even if you need significant dental treatment
  • Getting all the care you need in fewer visits
  • Safe experience without the groggy,
  • sleepiness of general anesthesia
  • Happy, healthier, more confident patients

The goal sought when N20-02 is used is to eliminate dental fears, making the patient more comfortable while the dentist is able to more effectively complete the planned
treatment. Once the patient is comfortable breathing oxygen, the doctor gradually will introduce nitrous oxide. Over the next three to five minutes, the patient will be asked, "What are you feeling?" as the amount of nitrous oxide is slowly increased.

The signs and symptoms that most patients experience when receiving N20-02 include: an initial feeling of lightheadedness, which gradually leads to an all-over feeling of warmth. Many persons mention a comfortable "vibrating" or "humming" sensation.
The dentist will talk with the patient throughout the procedure and the individual will be able to respond without any problem. This is a major advantage, and a safety feature, of inhalation sedation.

At the conclusion of the dental treatment, the patient will once again receive 100% oxygen (for a minimum of three to five minutes). At the end of this time, the person should feel absolutely back to normal. If they still feel even a little bit sedated, the dentist should give the patient oxygen for a few more minutes.
Most dentists permit the fully-recovered N20-02 patient to leave their office unescorted and to resume their normal activities. In some situations where a patient recovers more slowly, they might be required to have an escort (friend or relative) drive them home.

N20-02 inhalation sedation is highly effective in the management of mild to moderate levels of ental fear. It also is an excellent technique in persons who are extreme gaggers; N20-02 usually eliminates or minimizes gagging in most patients. Finally, N20-02 is highly recommended for apprehensive patients who have medical problems such as angina pectoris, persons who have had a heart attack, or persons with high blood pressure, asthma or epilepsy.

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